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[FREE eCourse] Intuitive Money:
Turn Your Purpose into Prosperity

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Rave & Love

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    Christian Marie Herron

    Intuitive Storyteller + Business Strategist, USA

    Working with Yiye should be mandatory training for heart-centered entrepreneurs. Clearing my money blocks was instrumental in helping me make space to receive several new clients, all of whom selected my highest priced offering.

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    Marie Forleo

    Best-Selling Author, Marketer, USA

    "Your story is such a huge inspiration and I know that thousands of women will find courage and hope to live their best, most creative and fulfilling life because of YOU. Your ease of self, your Spirit and energy is simply magical!"

  • Paula Majstorovic

    Coach, Trainer, Australia

    Simply, my life, my business, my family life and my bank balance have completely transformed. Tonight I am celebrating the success of my programs being highlighted at Parliament House - how much things have shifted is still surreal...

What does your relationship with ABUNDANCE look like at the moment?

:: Do you belive that you are someone who can hold an abundant life?

:: Do you want to live your purpose & express your most authentic self but you are worried about paying the bills? 

:: Do you feel the calling of "be of service" but the thoughts of your gifts/skills not valuable frustrate you day and night?

:: Do you feel "dirty" even just talking about money with your clients or even family/friends? 

:: Are you afraid to charge your worth, because you fear that you cannot attract enough ideal clients?

I hear you and feel for you. Having been personally working with hundreds of lightworkers and spiritual entrepreneurs, those are some of the most frequently asked questions.

But here is the raw truth: attracting money and abundance through your life purpose is simpler than you think. You just need the right attitude, tools + daily practice.

What if you allow miracles to happen instead of resisting?

What you will learn from this FREE 5-day series

5 mini modules in 5 days.

You'll receive one email each day. (plus juicy real life examples to help you step-by-step on practical matters)

It will be life-changing. 

Join thousands of spiritual entrepeneurs on this sacred 5-day-journey.

I promise you that  joy + abundance is all within your reach.

Look forward to having you on board!

About Yiye

Of course you need to know who you give your email address to, a very fair question!

Hello. My name is Yiye Zhang.

A healer, communicator & financial psychic by heart.

Authentically made in China and “shipped” to the UK at 17 on my own speaking very little English.

Obtained a First Class dual degree in Maths & Physics at 20.

Qualified as a Chartered Accountant at 23. (I’ve handled, balanced and planed multi-billion funds since then. In the meantime, I was also a part-time career coach helping “disadvantaged” students land their dream jobs).

Built my first successful financial consulting business by 28.

Soon after that, I followed my deepest calling and left the corporate world, in order to devote my time and energy to the group I’m committed to serve: LIGHTWORKERS. I did this switch within a month and got my first five figure month in record time.

I currently work with clients and students across 15 countries.

I'm not saying this to brag, my point is simple: I don't B.S. you. We can stretch both the practical and the woo sides as far as you want.

But honey, I don't want the "facts/figures" to scare you away either. The truth is that whatever fears you are experiencing now - I've had that too. Really. I do understand. I really do. 

Just sign up to this FREE training - I'll be right here handing over the right transformational currency from my "cosmic bank"!

Talk to you on the other side! :)

All my love


[FREE eCourse] Intuitive Money: 
Turn Your Purpose into Prosperity

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